Upgrading store terminals and converting communication to wireless

Due to rising currency prices in the country and increasing the price of store terminals, so there is no justification for many projects and caused to remove many projects from the list of banks, but this has created an exceptional opportunity for activists in the area of equipment optimization and technological knowledge companies. One of the services of this team is to provide terminal hardware upgrade kits and convert the device to GPRS or WiFi type, which is done for a much lower amount (about 20% to 25%) than the cost price of a new terminal.


Payment industry needs

The challenge of this industry faces enter the passcode by customers. Using a pin-pad has solved this problem to some extent, but the card still has to be pulled by a shopkeeper and only the passcode is entered by the customer.

 The fundamental solution is to pull cards and enter the passcode by the customer but we will face the problem of placing the POS. Most stores place the terminal next to telephone and power lines and to prevent disconnection of the wire, they don’t move the terminal.

Using a battery-powered wireless terminal (short-range WiFi) allows business owners to provide the sales terminal to the customer and perform secure payment operations.

Providing wireless terminals to stores for placement on the counter and password entry by the customer

Providing pin-pad and persuade stores to use secure payment method

Equipping devices with NFC and preparing the infrastructure in the post-Corona era for accepting contactless smart bank cards and electronic wallets


Market demand

More than 400,000 units of the bank’s store terminals communicate with the center through a fixed telephone line and the impossibility of developing the communication infrastructure as well as the slowness of the connection speed of the store terminals has given the need to convert them into an emerging device.

  • There is currently a significant demand for wireless terminals.
  • Part of the demand cannot be met by the existing wireless terminals of Melli Bank and the demand has been lost.
  • Due to the need to deposit to receive a wireless terminal, customers who have received a wireless terminal are less likely to receive another terminal and the marketing process becomes more difficult. This is a threat to banks that have few wireless terminals in stock and an opportunity for pioneers of wireless terminals.


Economic considerations of the update

  • Reviving bank current sales terminals pay about 20 % of the cost of a wireless terminal
  • The full feasibility of the plan in comparison to the lease of the sales terminal from other banks and PSP companies.
  • The return period is about one year compared to the existing conditions (rental of the machine).
  • Internal return on investment (IRR) is very high and the payback period is under one year
  • Increasing productivity of the use of existing equipment and reducing inventory volume.

Types of kits in terms of type of installation

In general, kits are divided into three types, which depending on the terminal model, may be installed in one or two ways:

The interior installation kit (Internal kit) is completely installed inside the terminal.

The semi-interior kit (Semi-Internal kit) installed in the underside of the device is not visible outside the device.

The exterior kit (External kit) is installed outside the terminal.

Reliable Partner

Our partner and business partner

Our international partner, with a long and good history, has given confidence to our customers and you can safely cooperate with us.

Benefits of updating

Increasing productivity and utilization rate of existing terminals and increase market share

Attracting new customers or retaining old customers and preventing them from moving to other banks.

To facilitate the marketing process of new adopters and attract more resources to the bank.

Failure to enter a new type of terminal in the bank network and face problems with support, terminal replacement and…

Lack of low transaction limit and conditions imposed by the equipment leasing company

Reducing the cost of the wireless terminal


The general process of project execution

  • Choosing the type of kit desired by the customer
  • The general order of the customer specified and the contract is signed.
  • In the first phase of the contract, software matching tasks are performed and an example is delivered using the software used in the customer network.
  • The performance of the system in the customer network is approved, which is done only on the items specified in the technical list attached to the contract and The items that are not included in the list are not approved (although obvious to the customer).
  • According to the operation of adapting kits is a set of tasks and software and security changes, whenever the customer recognizes that she wants the final product, she/he can approve the prototype in order to save time and keep the project schedule ahead.
  • The customer confirms the sample and the subsequent delivery of the orders will begin.
  • If the buyer wishes, the goods can be delivered in Europe, before the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran or within the mainland or the agreed country.
  • All payments will be in foreign currency and in front of Pro forma and to a foreign company.

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