Yekta Smart City Processors

Yekta Smart City Processors co has started with the aim of working in the field of smartening, security in information exchange, electronic authentication, upgrading store terminals. So, the focus of the company has been on the above-mentioned items.

Considering that the main activity of the company is in the security of information exchange and authentication, the company’s missions are defined as follows.



“City smartening with considering full security in the information technology and payment area.”
Our company has the responsibility to use the latest technologies in the world to provide access to new urban services and payment within the framework of laws and in accordance with e-government strategies and while maintaining maximum security for Iranians.

Activities of Yekta Company

Signature Certificate Market and SSL Certificate, Citizenship Card, Internet of Things (IoT), Upgrading store terminals. Although some of these are different from the other, but they can be seen as part of the country’s IT industry.
With the expanding online facilities and defining a new application for it, the need for electronic authentication, safe path to information transfer, fast and secure payment facilities for small cash in using the public facilities of cities, Smartening cities and also modern payment tools increase.

Expertise in our blood

Providing a platform for these facilities is a good opportunity to define a profitable business. Government supports e-government debate, requirements for remote tasks aimed at reducing traffic on the city and the health care, which is one of the priorities at the time of writing this letter, due to prevalence of the COVID-19, all have created opportunities for this market.

Our Professional Board of Directors

Having a strong management team, the prerequisite for success is in different areas. We are proud to have a professional board, we were able to take a big step in this area.

You can see the person’s resume by clicking on each name.

سید علیرضا چراغی

Seyed Alireza Cheraghi

CEO & Member of the Board

محمود سالارکیا

Mahmood Salarkia

Chairman of the Board

محمدرضا نراقی

Mohammadreza Naraghi

Vice Chairman of the Board

امیدعلی پورحسن

Omidali Pourhasan

Member of the Board

محمدرضا پورحسن

Mohammadreza Pourhasan

Member of the Board

Fariba Faraj Zadeh

the Main Inspector

Our international Partners

Having specialized licenses and cooperation with famous international companies is strong support for us and you.

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Some of Our Clients

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لوگو اسنپ
لوگو پگاه
لوگو صبا
لوگو بیمه تعاون
آریا پرداز رایکا – Raika Soft
لوگو جیرینگ
لوگو سازمان راهداری و حمل و نقل جاده ای
لوگو شرکت آزاد راه امیرکبیر
لوگو شرکت برق منطقه ای غرب