Yekta International Electronic Certificate Authority

This center is licensed by Certum International Centre for Certification international Certificates in iran and granting SSL for Iranian domains and websites which are managed by Governmental and non-governmental organizations or organs.

Our Services

The issuance of all kinds of security certificates from the Certum Instantly, include : DV certificates, OV certificates, EV certificates, Code Signing and Types of international electronic signature.

Providing value-added services

Providing value-added services such as: Electronic Certificate Liability Insurance for the first time in Iran (coming soon)

Providing different services and services

Providing Types of international certificates in Iran.

All certificates are issued directly and instantly from the Certum CA Center.

The first International Electronic CA Center

The first holder of International  CA Center from the Certum center in Iran

Accountability and support

We support the customers by an official office in iran.

Guarantee of non-interruption of service for Certificates issued.

Our Features

Certum SSL Certificate

SSL is a certificate, including the Internet address and information related to the owner which is confirmed by the identity of a remote computer on the Internet or LAN. This certificate provides a secure connection between the server and the client software. To do this, the server uses 256 bits strong encryption using by the Secure Sockets Layer protocol.

Guarantee of non-interruption of service

Confirmation of the company’s legal existence and identity

Organization Details in the Certificate

Compatibility with WebTrust

The company name is highlighted in the browser address bar (green bar)

Recognition by 99.9% of web browsers


SSL Certificate Plans & Pricing


Email ID and code signing Certificate Plans & Pricing

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Perfect support

Our support methods are such that you can contact us in many ways. You can contact our support team by phone, sending ticket and email.


Guarantee of non-interruption of service

Due to the international sanctions and unstable conditions, there is always the risk of removing the certificate Authority or revoking the certificate of the center or blocking access to the service / certificate revocation center.

30 days free trial

For testing and reliability, you can get a free license for your site for 30 days.