Demand-Driven Marketing Platform

A new tool for optimizing the interaction with the user

Effective digital marketing is: Providing all the contents and information required by everyone in detail and customizing in the right context and time.

In the past, automation marketing systems used more linear contexts and basic definitions, which led to restrictions on the implementation of personalized campaigns. Because the creation of a personalized campaign requires data related to the present customer behavior and predicting future actions, it is very important to create a single vision for each user. On the other hand, data from initial cognition to behavior, attitude, interests and online perception of customers helps us to understand and separate them.

Demand Driven Marketing Platform with flexible and associated structure makes it possible to have all the different models of customer data as a single vision.

Today, the same campaigns do not have a big impact on Customers purchases and they are looking for customized experiences in different brands. Personalized email campaigns open 25% more often than other emails. For example, statistics have shown that the percentage of sales due to unique advertising is 20 % higher.

The content-oriented programming engine with flexible data structure allows them to use the collected data set and create specific content tailored to each individual so that the customer has a better sense of the type of promotional and motivational content.

It is also very important that you are informed of sending and receiving the intended message to the customers at the right time and place.

The sending multi-message platform using its analytics and reporting capabilities, allows the use of the user’s behavior pattern, features as well as appropriate portals.

The correct understanding of the user regarding the appropriate device for sending the message as well as the kind of content that the person desired to increase engagement is very important, helps business owners find the appropriate portals such as SMS, email, mobile and web and reduce the sending of irrelevant messages in inappropriate contexts, so this system helps businesses to have better campaigns in the future.


Customer Driven Marketing Platform

Connect with customers easily, no matter the channel. Email, SMS, Digital Ads, Web and Mobile notifications – CDMP covers it all. An open data structure ensures you can make the most of your marketing campaigns.


Customer data collection platform

  • With CDP, It is possible to collect all data related to users and those who have entered the site in an integrated manner.
  • Having a single centrality can help to customize the content and offer suggestions to customers in many different ways.

Audience segmentation

  • The creation of any categories and segmenting of audiences is based on all the different parameters that exist in their initial data.
  • Segments always stay up-to-date and ready to use across campaigns or channels within D·engage or can be synched to external platforms.


Content personalization

  • Using the ability to personalize content on the platform in engage, it is possible to send specific messages to each user via various ports.
  • For personalization of content in each of the different ports, such as email, SMS, mobile or web notifications can be used from the data collected from all user information sectors.

Executing and sending messages in all communication ports

  • Use platform communication channels including email, SMS, digital ads, web and push notifications to execute channel campaigns and measure their success.
  • Get real-time reports on events and results of running and performed campaigns to optimize your marketing strategy and budget.

Automated and mechanized marketing

  • Using integrated customer data, marketing can be shifted from channel-driven to customer-driven.
  • A simple and easy user interface for automating customer behavior, including various actions, different delivery times, type of text sent, differences in dealing with registered and regular users

Analysis and reporting

  • D·engage reports and Analytics give you an overview of the marketing performance of the various portals and show which ones worked well and which ones received less than expected feedback.
  • We will provide you with all reports as integrated so that the user can observe all the actions taken and optimize its strategy at the moment.

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